Chyn Just Released the Video for Omo Kekere and It’s Amazing!

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Chyn is a brilliant artist. His distinct voice and poetic dexterity is more than a breath of fresh air to a Nigerian music industry that is full of artists who almost always sound the same and create similar sounding music. Omo Kekere is really all the proof you need.

“More like I have been waiting for this moment my whole life,

so you know I aint go’n sit back and chill, it;s crunch time.

I want mine, and I want plenny, it’s high time, 4:20.”

He conveys his brilliance in the video for Omo Kekere, produced by A Beautiful Mind Pictures. The video is seen to have bizarre characters, intense colors, abstract objects (which is an on-going trend), and of course Chyn as the epicentre of it all. As indigenous as the video is, you cannot deny the western influence in its instruments, mannerisms, and setting, which fortunately does not dominate the locality the video. Both aspects of the Omo Kekere project are brilliant and we hope to see more from Chyn.