The Nigerian Films Showing at the Online African Film Festival (OAFF)

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The Nigerian Films Showing at the Online African Film Festival (OAFF) Oga Bolaji

The Online African Film Festival (OAFF) is the first online film festival dedicated solely to African films. OAFF presents the best films from African newest voices and the masters before them.

The inaugural edition was launched last November in Paris, Ema Edosio’s Kasala! and C.J. Obasi’s Hello, Rain were among the Nigerian films selected. This year’s edition, which holds between November 15 and December 15, has more Nigerian films, you can check them below.

Oga Bolaji

Kayode Kaum’s Oga Bolaji follows a 40-year-old musician (Gold Ikponmosa), whose simple life takes a drastic turn when he comes across a young girl. The film showcases the Nigerian way of life.

Raw Dinner

Santi is mostly known for two things: being a leader of the alte scene and making music videos that pay homage to the visuals of old Nollywood. Raw Dinner is the music video/short film for its track of the same title with Kida Kudz of its debut album, Mandy and the Jungle. Here, he embraces Nollywood’s horror version of femme fatale with modern touches, creating a film that’s packed with surrealism and stunning aesthetics.

Z The Beginning

Z The Beginning is the sci-fi short that puts the teenage film group, The Critic, on a global map. It is a post-apocalyptic film—shot on Tecno Camon C—that follows a bioroid who doesn’t know who and what he is, he becomes friends with a street burglar on the run from Korgan, a malevolent rebel leader.


In four minutes, Director Adeyemi Michael gives us a feel of immigrant fantasy; he reimagines his mother’s idea of what it meant leaving Nigeria some 30 years ago for South London. He subverts the colonial narratives and the place of an immigrant in it.

You can watch all the films here. AFRIFF-selected DHALINYARO (Youth) and AMAA-winning Sew the Winter to My Skin are the other notable African films showing at OAFF 19.





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