The Saraki Must Resign Party Is Still In Motion

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Senator Abu Ibrahim, who represents Kastina South, said that there will be no peace in the upper legislative chamber if Saraki does not resign as Senate President.

Ibrahim told journalists in Abuja that going by conventions around the world, it is the majority party that produces the leadership in parliament.

“I think it is commendable that he has left the party. He has chosen the path of survival because it is the issue of political survival not any thing for Nigeria,” he said.

“But next is for him to resign as senate president, because by all conventions all over the world, the majority party produces the leadership; senate president, the majority leader and others.

“Again, let him be gentleman enough and resign as senate president. If he does not, we will never have peace in that senate because it is absolutely clear that APC has majority to produce the leadership.”

The senator further insisted that APC still is in the majority in the upper legislative chamber.

“We also have some alliance with APGA. It is clear that APC has majority. APC with majority should produce the leadership in the senate. Forty-nine cannot produce the leadership. Saraki should resign as senate president.”


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