The Satchel Offers An Animated Interpretation of Yoruba Mythology

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Long before the days of colonialism, the world could be explained through traditional myths and tales. Creele Animation Studios  channel this in their new 3D animated short film The Satchel based on the Yoruba mythology of earth’s creation featuring revered Yoruba deities, Obatala and Oduduwa, (sons of Olodumare, the supreme being), who battle for the power to create earth as we now know it using an all-powerful Satchel.

The film which is the product of a joint venture between Creele Animation Studios and Taeps Animation Studios was produced by Nissi Ogulu, Adeoyin Okuboyejo, Ayobami Bello and Jimi Oremule.

Speaking on the film and its importance, Producer/Director Nissi Ogulu said

“With The Satchel, we want to start telling authentic African stories to ensure that our magnificent culture is preserved and that we portray the beauty of African culture, lifestyle and music in the concept, character designs, scenes, visual screenplay, art and music direction. This film is one rich with African themes, suitable for all age groups, is relatable and draws a strong connection to home.

Many of us in my generation grew up consuming a lot of foreign pictures, we weren’t privileged to watch content made up from characters of African descent and this vacuum is what we’re trying to fill starting with our debut project.”

Writer/Producer, Jimi Oremule said;

“The story centres on what happens to The Satchel 🎒 from the moment it is presented to Obatala (keep your eyes peeled) to how it ends up with Oduduwa. The passion and power of each deity comes out in their actions, behaviour to one another and for what the satchel can do.” 

Multi talented creative, Nissi Ogulu complements the film with two beautifully written songs titled Adupe & Wonderful. 

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