The Task To Empower Nigerian Women And Other Marginalised Demographics Is Essential

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The Nigerian branch of transnational justice-seeking network, Accountability Lab, has announced a programme dedicated to empowering select Nigerian women and individuals from marginalized communities through its “Voice Inclusion Project” which is aimed at making women and marginalized individuals stronger citizens by equipping them with useful resources to demand accountability and just institutions.

The goal of Voice Inclusion — which is funded by Voice, an initiative of and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands — will be aimed at fostering multi-stakeholder dialogues and town hall engagements with public officials in states like Imo, Kaduna, and the FCT as well as generating a feedback mechanism that connects the newly-mentored active citizens with their accountable government officials.

Understanding that music is the instinctive cultural language of Nigeria, the Accountability Lab Nigeria team plans to court the participation of young people, women, and physically-challenged people by using a three-song peak that speaks to different parts of the marginalised experience.

On the E.P. titled “Daughters of Gaia,” Keizy Sugarh brings the wily determination of people living with marginalisation, detailing their story with grace while Delia, and Nanya Ijeh brings pathos and soul to their songs.

On Nanya’s song Young Bold & Free, she’s encouraging young people to join the process of delivering a more inclusive Nigeria, asking them to run for political offices as well as become part of the broader political debates that need their attention.In her song She be Woman, Keizy Sugarh tackles discrimination against women in its potent chorus while her bars focus on drumming in the awareness that women aren’t second-class citizens while Delia’s soulful number brings a number to the number of Nigerians living with some form of physical disability, detailing the challenges they live with and encouraging lawmakers to implement an act to protect their rights to dignity and economic empowerment.

The Voice Inclusion Project will use a number of digital tools in its work, while a rigorous medium of tracking the conversations that ensue between government officials and citizens is tracked and reported as well as trying to motivate community-serving goals and pledges.


To listen: Daughters of Gaia


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The Accountability Lab was founded in early 2012 as an effort to work with young people to develop new ideas for accountability, transparency and open government. It has evolved into a global network of local Accountability Labs that are finding new ways to shift societal norms, solve intractable challenges and build “unlikely networks” for change.

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