The Ultimate Guide To Having A Great Weekend

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The weekend is finally here! You probably had such a hectic week, you are not sure how to go about your weekend, not to worry, we can help with that.

Here’s a guide on how you can set out to having a splendid weekend:


Leave Your Work At The Office

In order for you to start the weekend with a vibe different from the week, don’t take work home with you.

Sleep For 8 Hours or More

Start by turning off that annoying alarm and get some shuteye. This is just as important as wanting to enjoy the weekend. A well-rested body and mind will put you in a better mood to make a plan for the next couple of days. And since you have left any form of distraction- work- outside, you can snore and snooze all you want.


Plan Your Day

With a refreshed mind, you’re in a better position to strategize. Make sure to a least include a new activity or anything you haven’t done in a while. Taking up a new routine that would keep you engaged on the following weekends is a good addition to the list. Remember to save some time for yourself.

Call Your Loved Ones

It might be difficult to physically be with all your loved ones over the weekend, but a call can go a long way. A quick chat on how you plan to spend our weekend could lead to ideas bouncing off the phones and even more, interesting activity is included in your day. Also, there is a warm feeling you get from reaching out to the ones you love.

Find Yourself A Good Meal

Food is an essential part of this guide. You have to come correct with your menu and palate in order to enjoy the weekend. If you have a favourite cuisine or restaurant that never does you wrong, start with that. Having friends and family around while enjoying a great meal is a good opening to the weekend. Preferences differ so if making your own food is what does it for you, get cooking.


Step outside, find an activity that’ll either aid your leisure mood or one that’ll help you stretch your already tensed up muscles. A movie with the right plot and cast will be a good bet for a choice of leisure, a run, trip to the football field or basketball court with friends and acquaintances. These actives would also help build better relationships.


Step Outside

Put on your good shoes, comfortable clothes and call up some friends or family to meet up. Memories are best made with people, the moments are shared with different laughs, comments and reactions. Do not forget to take pictures, they’re needed for memory sake. This is also another good time to try out new places and make new friendships or acquaintances.


Sit Still

After an eventful night, a moment to relax is next up. Take deep breaths and have 5-10 minutes with yourself and realign your thoughts, as a new week begins in the 24 hours. While doing this, take notes of important thoughts that cross your mind. A good idea can cheer up your entire day, which is needed for the resumption of work the following day.



The weekend is slowly ending and early preparations are advised, take an hour to look sort anything work-related in order. Bring out your laundry, arrange the emails that need to be sent out, setting a timer for them to be sent is a good idea. Anything that could be forgotten should be noted aside to avoid a situation where the entire weekend is regretted over that little error.

Do Something New

If you had planned your day earlier, you would have decided on what new activity you would love to begin. Stepping out of your comfort zone will lead to new possibilities that you may or may not have expected. A new routine will also help include a new activity into your life without it feeling like an uneasy burden.

Set Your Alarm And Get Enough Sleep

You should put that alarm back on and have it wake you, make sure you get enough sleep to start the upcoming week.


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