The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

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Ndali Ozegbe


7” Personal Cake from The Sweet Spot Bakery (@thesweetspotbakery –

If like me you feel cupcakes are a little over done (cupcakes for a birthday, cupcakes for Christmas, cupcakes to congratulate you on your new job, cupcakes just because), this cake is the way to go.

Comes across more thoughtful than ‘I just picked up these generic Valentine’s Day cupcakes for you – here take’ and the perfect size for NOT sharing. Win.

Cost: N8,000- N10,000

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut (6 pack) (@krispykremeng –

By now, the news must have gotten around that Krispy Kreme has landed in Lagos. I know – it’s like a dream come true! Though not officially launched yet, some people have managed to get their hands on their classic original glazed donuts and rumour has it that they taste exactly the same.

Assured Valentine’s Day points for creativity and the novelty of having access to Krispy Kreme has yet to wear off. Hero status secured.

Ocha Official Earrings (@theochaofficial –

A pair of Ocha earrings are the perfect gift – unique, hand made in Nigeria and satisfyingly minimalist. They also have the prettiest sky blue packaging and there’s nothing better than receiving a gift that’s well presented.

This one speaks for itself really, a no-brainer.

Cost: N5250-N10500


Succulents – Aralia by Nature (@araliabynature –

I have nothing against flowers. Take roses for example. A single rose gives you that ‘aww’ factor. A dozen levels up to ‘emoji heart emoji heart emoji heart’. Bouquets (plural) and it’s instantly a Kim K moment (seriously, I feel like she gets DOZENS of flower arrangements for simply waking up in the morning).

However, succulents are more symbolic of a happy, healthy relationship. You water them with love and dedication every day and watch them grow from strength to strength!

Roses die.


Spa Day – Oriki Group (@orikigroup –

I live in Lagos, a spa day is always welcome.

Selection of Desserts from XO Boutique Bakery (@xobakery –

Chef Alex has really done something special with the XO Bakery. He bakes his beautiful desserts fresh every single morning and one of my guilty pleasure is watching the process every morning on instagram.

The desserts come in sleek black take-away boxes (I’m a sucker for great branding) so you have the power to order just one or go all out!


Tinubu Slippers – Shekudo (@shekudo –

The SheKudo brand prides itself on being a socially responsible label as well as an advocate for slow fashion and women’s empowerment. The ‘Coming Home’ collection explores Aso Oke weave as its main base material based on its durability, beauty and opportunity for colour experimentation.

This is one for you if you have more room to your budget and want an ethically sourced gift with a charming story behind it!

Cost: $150

Helium Balloons – Ribbon Room NG ( –

These balloons last up to 48 hours (tried and tested) and come in a variety of reds, pinks, blush, white, hearts and special Valentine’s themes. Ribbon Room deliver to your location of choice and ensure the balloons are installed for the desired effect and their customer service is superb.

That’s definitely one way to make an impression!

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