This Facebook Watch Series Tells The Love Story Of A Nigerian-American Couple

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365 days of love

Imagine telling a love story every day of the year to over 9 million people? Well, that’s exactly what Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara is doing with her new Facebook Watch show, 365 Days Of Love. Not cheesy, right?

365 days of love

The docu-series from executive producer Vergara is documenting stories of love and humanity every day for one year. The series premiered on January 1, 2019, with a look into love as the common thread that connects humans around the world, from love for animals and overcoming addiction to familial bonds and things that just make us happy.

Each episode of the series features fun and unique perspectives on love, with episodes ranging from 90 seconds to 15 minutes. The stories being shared are personal and take on different forms, whether it’s an intimate story from an emerging filmmaker or a testimonial from a fan, each storyteller offers their own perspective of what love means to them.

The most recent episode titled, ‘It All Started With a Friend Request’, follows a Nigerian-American couple, travel back to their roots to fulfill their culture’s wedding traditions.

They take us through the journey, from the beginning of their love story to the wedding, highlighting important details of the Igbo culture, fashion, and all ceremonial rituals.

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