Tiffany Amber Launches Diffusion Line, TAN By Tiffany Amber

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TAN By Tiffany Amber

The use of a diffusion line by designers is a part of the strategy of Massification where luxury brands attempt to reach a broader market in order to increase revenue and brand recognition.

Like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu (Prada), House of Deola and CLAN, Lisa Folawiyo and J Label, these are only a few examples of fashion houses that have smartly branched off to launch diffusion lines to appeal to a different demographic of people and it only makes sense that veteran fashion house, Tiffany Amber has hopped on that train by launching TAN By Tiffany Amber.

Tiffany Amber is a 16-year-old fashion and lifestyle brand with an ethos of distinct African attitude and women empowerment and if it’s anything like its parent brand, TAN, like most other diffusion lines, aims to be more accessible to women and girls across Africa, while still carrying the heritage of its anchor brand.

The launch of the new line has seen TAN in partnership with Adara Foundation, release a collection which utilizes a delicate blend of modern sophistication and glamour, offered at the right price point. that demonstrates how women can join forces to create significant market opportunities for low-income women.

TAN by Tiffany Amber TAN by Tiffany Amber

Photography Credits: TAN By Tiffany Amber


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