Listen To Tim Lyre’s Intoxicating Cocktail Of Sounds On Three-Track EP ‘Senpai’

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Tim Lyre’s star power has always been locked in the sturdiness of his roles as a Producer, Singer, and Songwriter; the total package in summary. While he initially emerged with a glaring peculiar sound unique to his blossoming brand, he’s proven to be an adamant student of evolution lately. The lessons learned peak on his just-released three-track EP, Senpai, a fluid body of work deeply rooted in his thirst for the extraordinary.

While Senpai is neither here nor there in terms of sound, it’s fluidity is perfect for catering to different moods. From the starter, titular, Senpai, an exotic concentration of Dancehall rhythms that draws out Tim Lyre’s Rastafarian side to mood shifter, Jobele which features Mojo and finally the edgy AYLØ and Prettyboydo assisted Shank, the project presents as an intoxicating cocktail, short and sweet enough to alter moods and improve ambiances.Deep-rooted in experimentalism empowered by Tim Lyre’s diverse artistry, Senpai envelopes and speaks to the versatility the industry brags about these days.