Watch The Luxurious Video For Timaya’s ‘Gra Gra’

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Two things are sure about Timaya, he’ll never pass on an opportunity to mete out words of wisdom and he will always remind us he’s a top user of his quips and world-famous anecdotes. It’s been this way for over a decade with the Port Harcourt born singer and on his latest, Gra Gra, he suggests he’s just not done with this behavior as it takes center stage. 

Gra Gra as usual is a mid-tempo cut with bits of highlife that bows to Timaya’s roots. It comes with a video co-directed by himself that shows off his wealth despite his admission of humility. It’s quite clear the single is a contradictory one but with the feel-good vibes it inspires, one can almost gloss over this flaw. 

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