Timini Egbuson talks AMVCA nomination and being Dakore’s Brother on ‘Rubbin Minds’

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Timini Egbuson talks AMVCA nomination and being Dakore’s Sister on ‘Rubbin Minds’

Timini Egbuson is finally getting recognition in Nollywood, the actor recently landed The Future Award Africa Nigeria for acting, and he’s up for an Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award for his performance in Akay Mason’s Elevator Baby.

Egbuson discussed wanting an AMVCA, his career so far, and being tagged Dakore’s brother in its early days with Ebuka on Rubbin Minds

“I really want it; I’m constantly voting and if I don’t win, it doesn’t stop me,” he says. “I have been in this industry for ten years; I just started getting recognized properly in terms of awards maybe two years ago, but that didn’t stop me because my journey is different.”

Egbuson also spoke about acting remuneration and people saying there’s no money in Nollywood. “If you don’t love it, you won’t be in this industry. It’s not as nice to the point where you are just in it for the money,” he tells Ebuka. “But I also feel it is a misconception and misrepresentation of the facts. There is money in Nollywood. We are getting paid, not as much [as Hollywood]; we are not getting royalties, but there’s money.”

He continues: “Let’s not make it seem like it is so bad; it is not that bad, it can be better, yes, but it is not as bad [as people paint it to be].”

Watch the interview below.