Tino Moody Pours Out His Heart on the Solid Keyz Produced ‘Confession’

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In 2013, Amanfoh challenged himself from re-rapping ice prince songs in his classroom to writing his own songs. 8 tough years later, Tino Moody has one goal in mind to mark his territory at Africa’s entertainment capital, Lagos and the Journey just got interesting.

“See; when people listen to me I really want them to feel like they have lived the emotions and events I have put in the song. That there is the pacific feeling I am talking about, that is the pacific sound.” Tino calmly says on the phone.

In a world where it seems that the art is less celebrated than the celebrity, the instrumentals are more appealing than its lyrics. Edo –bred Singer Tino Moody delivers a love-centered track titled Confessions. Themed around the struggles of a youthful teen on a mission to re-engaged his love interest, the Afro-pop plays around retro melodies inciting nostalgic feelings similar to something Fireboy or Joeboy would deliver.

Conscious music is the music of the mind, one built on originality and inspired by imagination. It is soundly embedded with a profundity that arouses sentiments within our souls for a call to action or reflection. A germane and effective vehicle used to communicate societal reality or YOUR reality.

“I get a confession wey me wan tell you, girl if is not you then it is not you then I dont need no one else” 

Tino sings on the hook of his song .

“I don’t see anyone else but you in my head he continues. On the song, a seemingly disturbed and confused character plays with romantic melodies on emotional chords while he sings out his frustrations. One cannot help but admire the honesty, rawness, and vulnerability encompassed in the song produced by Solid Keyz.

We spoke to Moody briefly and the following conversation enused;

What was it like recording confessions? What inspired the process? When did you the record? How did you record it? 

Han-han. How many questions?

 I know it’s a lot of questions. No vex.

Interestingly, Confession was not the idea of the song I had in mind. I remember I woke around 3.am. I already had a vibe in my head but when solid started playing the chords, I knew I needed to go deeper than the lyrics in my head so I decided to listen to a couple of choruses I had stored on my voice note and I found confession and it worked so I started and everyone was feeling it.

Did you encounter any difficulty?

Yes I did, the first four bars were easy, after that I was not sure where I was going, but solid encouraged me and it came out great.

How do you feel when you are in the studio?

That is the only place I know what I am dong. Like I have zero doubts.

Why title it Confession?

It is an actual confession, the lyrics of the songs embody what writing a confession really is.

The Cover art of the song is a solid reflection. How did that come about?

Just like the name of the song, I wanted to be intentional about letting people know that just like people write poems and letters, I took time to write this. That is what the artwork depicts.

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