TMXO Is Bursting With Colorful Sounds That Translate To Volatile On Emotions On Debut EP ‘TMXOO1:Alàdélọbà’

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It’s not everyday we see leaders of the new school, particularly the alternative scene snag nominations for relevant awards, talk more, world-renowned ones like the Grammy’s. Rising Producer, TMXO can boast of not only a Grammy nomination but his flawless work on Burna Boy’s most critically acclaimed album to date, African Giant. On the heels of the release of his first single of the year, the enjoyable Winner, comes the Producer’s debut EP, TMXOO1:Alàdélọbà, an eclectic sound experience that translates into volatile emotions.

Staying true to his enigmatic ambiance, the project is an extension of TMXO’s persona beginning with the Intro that is a personalized insight into who he is and subsequently followed by more abstractness infused into the heavy bass and somewhat electronic sounds governing the different tracks.

Though similar in sound, the tracks carry their own unique identities ruled by varied deliveries that carry different messages, from life to the crookedness of the society to TMXO’s own come up and other subjects that can be divulged from his categorized delivery.

TMXO’s TMXOO1:Alàdélọbà has come in an age and a society that is not entirely receptive of this kind of music but with him and Sarz leading the way now, pure instrumentals are fast becoming a preference and thanks to the uniqueness of this project, can be literally translated into different feelings.


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