Aristokrat Records’ T’Neeya Reveals Her Daring Personality On New Single ‘Joli’

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T’neeya is a Cameroonian performer with links to Nigeria through her record label, Aristokrat, emerging with a fresh sound with stellar influences evident in the handful of singles she’s released since she stepped onto the scene in 2017. As she moves towards expanding the reach of her music, exposing all her personas is key and she begins this journey with a new single titled Joli Gar which translates from French to mean pretty boy in English.
The Kel P produced Joli Gar reveals the very flirty and playful side of T’neeya emboldened by the candor she maintains in expressing her feelings to her muse. With a potential fan base across West Africa, T’neeya’s aim is to cement her brand, home and away making her a Pan African star.

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