Tobby Drillz Merges Sonically Diverse Worlds on New EP ‘Smooth Bop’

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Nigerian DMV-based artist, Tobby Drillz has just released his new five-track EP, Smooth Bop. The project, a selection of mellow records balances traditional Afropop influences with some elements that are borne from Drillz’s current physical location, is successful at merging two sonically diverse worlds. As he rolls out the project, he lets us in on how he is currently balancing the emotional turmoil of the current pandemic and gives us a quick breakdown of the five-track body of work.
Robo: “The constant feeling of being SMOOTH is slowly taking care of the rough edges and the EP had to start with that, so this track basically presents my true meaning of vibe and energy, that can see us through such a difficult period we are in.”

Black Commando: “While in the studio with my producer, we thought about relating to the emotions a lot of people might feel they are in need of and created this track: a mixture of love, sex, and games.”

Ori Mi: “The middle track is like the glue that meshes my whole EP together. With this track, I’m basically talking about the human needs we all share and what the typical human wants every day. Especially in such a difficult time like this”

Don’t: “As I continue to grow as an artist, I explore many sounds and this track blends: Hip hop, R&B and a little bit of Afrocentric feel through the lyrics to show you that even during this pandemic you can reach out or your comfort zone, and test yourself!”

Produced by: DENDARULA (IG: @denzeltheruler), Mixed & Mastered by Lelo (IG: @officiallelo)


WYD? (OUTRO): “At the end of the day we all need love, and this track speaks to being with the one you love and has a little blend of Spanish in the hook which gives it a different boost in between to merge the cultures and bring our worlds closer together.”

All tracks are mastered by Lelo and all tracks apart from DON’T are produced by Bunie.


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