TOBi And Juls Team Up On Bouncy New Single ‘Dollas and Cents’

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TOBi and Juls are two artists whose cultures, influences and sounds run deep but are parallel, but like peas in a pod, the musician and producer revamping music from the diaspora, have matching inclinations which they bring to life on their debut collaboration, Dollas And Cents, three-minute proof that music can unify the strangest of cultures.

Juls sits on the single’s textured percussions, providing TOBi with the bounce he needs to come out, guns blazing as he dispenses rhythmic line after line alluding to the lifestyle afforded to him by music affiliations. Much like the names he refers to, Pacquaio and Rocky Balboa, TOBi delivers his lines like punches that sink into Juls’s heady drums to draw out emotions similar to his.

TOBi and Juls have amazing chemistry, as confirmed by the former and it is this synergy that makes Dollas and Cents the amazing work of art it is.