Tolani Makes A Striking Emotive Return On Ileri-Produced ‘Badman’

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In the few years, she has been active in the industry, Tolani has mastered the art of pacing the release of her singles in such a way that the elasticity of previous releases never wears out. It has been months since she shared the acclaimed Maybe Baby, a sensual cut still as relevant as it was when it hit our soundwaves way back in 2019 and while it remains an anthem for women wallowing in uncertainty, she ends her hiatus this month with Badman, another love ballad that paints a vivid picture of lovers with a dangerous affinity for unreciprocated love.

A passionate lover and singer, Tolani wears her emotions on her sleeves on the syrupy single that employs Ileri’s sensual synthesized keys and rhythmic snares as a pedestal to elevate her very relatable lyrics and heightened emotions.

Asides her growing knowledge of paced releases, Tolani by all indications has a strong grip on the romance aspect of music and since last year, she’s spun it in so many beautiful ways we can’t help but anticipate a full-length project from her.


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