Töme Is Audacious And Alluring On Project Precursor ‘Nana’

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Among the crop of diaspora Nigerians broadening the scope of afro-fusion, Töme stands out. With her intuitive melodies and searing lyricism, she mixes the best of both worlds for music that speaks to the experience of being Nigerian without being within the geographical confines of the country. Töme’s 2020 album, Bigger Than 4 Walls, pulsated with gentle sashays and calming influences that segued, at times, into a warm party feel. Still hoisting the flag of Nigeria while interrogating her place in the world as a French-Canadian, Töme’s latest song, Nana, blends afrobeat tonality with the poignant lyricism of the indie-folk music of her childhood, creating an eclectic brand of music that’s at once roomy and relatable.
The first song from a forthcoming project, Nana signals Töme operating in a pocket of sound that’s fundamentally attuned to her unique strengths. She makes a tribute to her individualism over an ebbing instrumental, packing in lyrical choices that urge her to move on despite what might be happening in her life at the moment.
According to her, she thinks it’s safe to say that when it comes to men and relationships, people need to make sure they know what they want and when to move on when their love interest is in disagreement. If there’s anything Töme has on lockdown, outside her smooth and inviting vocals, it’s independence, which she portrays each time, with grace.


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