Listen to Tomi Agape and Poe Handle A Bitter Ending On ‘Complicated’

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Tomi Agape and Poe's Complicated Is A Fair Portrayal of Relationships On The Back End

If you’ve ever been in love, you already know love is weird. It’s even more so when you have to deal with a break up. Going from having someone as your best friend to them sometimes becoming a stranger is never easy or straightforward. From the opening moments of Tomi Agape and Poe’s Complicated, you come to understand it’s one of those love tales that’s come to an end nobody can ever truly understand.

With a few words to open the track, Poe sets the tone while the brevity of the decision to go separate ways hits Tomi Agape as advance. Singing ‘said he no wan do,’ Agape initially struggles to believe the run is over and must soon answer to the difficult what do you wanna do.

The Spax-produced Complicated is a perfect encapsulation of what often happens when a great relationship tries to come to an end. The only part it leaves out are the months after this conversation where the relationship basically continues and often leads to the deterioration of the bond.