Tomi Obanure’s Bass Heavy ‘Truck’ Is An Allusion To His Authority

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Tomi Obanure’s sound is mostly characterized by Grime elements that have polished the edge we sense every time he booms with the authority of an old schooler, but he plays with a great sense of experimentalism most likely influenced by roots in a country like Nigeria where Afropop remains in the foundation of every Nigerian born and bred artist’s artistry, it’s almost elusive but on his latest, Truck, his heavily stylized version of Grime coupled with references to his home city, Abuja, his versatility bubbles to the surface.

Truck is the leading single from the rapper’s upcoming official debut EP, No Rest For The Wicked, it’s brimming with menacing energy as it’s title suggests and with the backing of resounding heavy bass drums almost as burly as his lyricism, a short allusion to the authority he commands, Tomi Obanure not only drives anticipation for the EP but reinforces his brand as one to reckon with in Nigeria’s Hip hop scene.

The single is accompanied by a video which sees Tomi Obanure take a drive through his city, cementing his narrative with backdrops and actions that mirror his narrative.