Tomi Owó Captures The Divergent Beauty Of Life On ‘Beautiful’

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As is the norm for singer, Tomi Owó, who debuted to warm reception in 2018 with the emotions weighty Pieces, living vicariously through her listeners on her just-released acoustic earworm, Beautiful is not a farfetched occurrence.

The Spax produced single complete with textured guitar riffs and dense bass drums robust enough to tug on the strings of the heart of her listeners highlights the realities that despite careful curation of life, things won’t always go one’s way. That is the beauty of life for beautiful people and Tomi Owó captures the essence in such a flawless way that her honesty and passion are hard to miss.

The hard-hitting questions asked “where do you? who do you call when it gets cold?” are embellished in the shaky percussions, soft outpour of Tomi Owó’s dewy vocals and reverberation of the guitars.

Beautiful, is a compelling and relatable mix of relationships, self-love and awareness among other phenomenons, heavy on emotions and typical of Tomi Owó.

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