Tomi Thomas Pushes The Boundaries Of Afrobeats On Six-Track EP ‘Hopeless Romantic’

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Africa is a hotbed of talent with unmatched creativity, and while it’s quite hard to stand out in the roaring midst of artists giving it their best, by abandoning the norm for experimentalism, Tomi Thomas who has been on the scene for over a decade, is now at the forefront of the current iteration of the movement. From being the standout person in a boy band to growing into his own with off-kilter records that have earmarked his evolution and strong persona, he has proven to be deserving of a niche, praised, and respected. According to him, “.. the music from within will always transcend time and space,” and that’s what he guns for on his full-length Hopeless Romantic EP, music that challenges and impresses. Especially with a Buju Banton feature on standout, Hurricane, Thomas’s desire for music immortality, is strong.

As witnessed with his growing fandom and increased visibility in the media, Thomas is on his way to becoming a global phenomenon, so he ensures the path he follows on the six-track EP, is reflective of this. With his signature hurried pace and employment of quick drums, Thomas is ushering in a new wave of mainstream Afrobeats music with this E, foreshadowed by his fresh perspective and absolute passion.

Hopeless Romantic boasts the influence of multiple genres from the get-go, with sweet serenades like Waiting, to upbeat movers and shakers like Gogo Dancer, the EP is a unique mix of modern sounds of the African music scene. It boasts immersive narratives spanning six tracks including the earlier released fan favorite, Hopeless Romantic plus, Again, and the reverberating Hurricane featuring dancehall icon Buju Banton.

With a ten-year span of musical experience, Tomi Thomas has produced a strong body of music that has helped to establish a growing presence in Africa and with Hopeless Romantic, highlighted by the Buju Banton feature, he doubles down on his laudable moves.