Tomi Thomas Takes Hope To The Streets In Video For ‘Who Knew’

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Saddled with a handful of soulful stories to tell last year, Tomi Thomas finally ended the year on a light note on Who Knew? an acoustic descent from the chaos that plagued 2020 and is sipping into 2021. Ín a bid to spark hope like he did December last year when the single was first released, Tomi Thomas circles back with it’s Seyi Akinlade directed video, pouring out more hope even as he portrays the strength of the mundanity of life in Lagos slums.

Veering back and forth between hope, happiness, and reality which is inescapable, Tomi Thomas attempts to rein in our emotions by dancing between these subjects as Genio Bambino tinkles acoustics in the background.

What better way to envision is idealistic lyrics than capturing the essence of life in areas where it has more substance.