Tomilola Blows Her Trumpet On Sophomore Single ‘Mo Yatọ’

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Tomilola is different and she wants everyone to know this on her latest, Mo Yatọ, a sultry and tuneful ode to this uniqueness. As an independent artist, Tomilola went by the name Atawęwę, collaborating with artists like Shalom Dubas and Jinmi Abduls, and showing off her ability for autobiographical and reflective songwriting on the likes of Let Go, her emotive and refreshing debut single which is the perfect predecessor to Mo Yatọ, being her sophomore single and a stepping stone for her to prove to the world that she deserves to be heard.

On the self-affirming single, Tomilola’s spotlights her nature and desires. She tells of her intention to use her sound to help people get closer to freedom. In detail, she says “Mo Yatọ means: I’m different, in Yoruba. It talks about the restless feeling that comes from not living your truth. This song expresses breaking away from typical judgment, encouraging acceptance and being yourself, especially if it scares you.”

So, in summary, Tomilola lives to celebrate while giving listeners the opportunity to live vicariously through her.


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