Top 10 Tips For Playing The Viola

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It’s impressive to be able to play any instrument, but some are more impressive than others. Take the viola, for instance. Not only does this instrument look and sound gorgeous, but it’s challenging to play, too. If you can pick up a viola and belt out a song, people will pay attention! But of course, the learning difficulty makes it a little, well, difficult to learn. We’re not saying it’s the easiest musical instrument to pick up and play, but we can say that it’ll be worth your time in the end.

There are a few useful tips that’ll get you moving in the right direction, too. For instance, there’s the old tried and tested tips: practice, practice, practice! If you make a little bit of progress each day, it won’t be long before you begin to feel yourself getting better. Another useful tip is that you learn slowly; it’s much better to learn how to do something at ⅕ of the actual speed, rather than try to play at regular speed and not learn anything.

Above all, have fun with it! You need to dedicate time to learning the viola, but you won’t do that if you’re not having a good time. 

If you’re learning the viola or just want to know how you could learn, then take a read of the infographic below. It was put together by the experts at Ted’s List and is packed with useful information that’ll have you moving in the right direction in no time. 

Infographic Design By Top 10 tips to playing the Viola

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