Top Five Winners of Beauty Pageants who made successful careers On Television and In Movies

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Every year many women participate in beauty pageants held in various countries across the globe. The top four beauty pageants described as the ‘Big League Pageants’ or the ‘Big Four’ are well known globally.

These pageants are regarded as very prestigious and important events. They are widely covered and broadcasted by the media. The top four pageants are Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss International.

Many of the beauty pageants participants have later got an opportunity to enter the showbiz business. Some of them have managed to make successful careers in the showbiz industry. We will talk here about 5 winners of beauty pageants who have done extremely well for themselves on television and in movies.


She is the one of the most popular TV anchors for ABC World News, Primetime News Magazine, 30/20, and Good Morning America.

Diane Sawyer is one amongst the few who was able to gain success after her journey in the beauty pageant world. The commonwealth of Kentucky was represented by her in America’s Junior Miss scholarship in 1963, and she won it.  This happened while she was in high school in her senior year.

Diane is amongst the most celebrated journalists on TV after her pageant journey. She has covered current affairs and top stories by going out of her way. She got the job as Jerry Warren’s assistant who was the deputy press secretary for the White House. Later she moved up the ladder in the 1970’s by becoming the staff assistant to Richard Nixon who was the U.S President.

In 1997 she made her entry into the Television Hall of Fame. Her achievements and work have been admired and recognized by millions across the world.


She carefully made it into the showbiz industry through her various achievements. She will also be remembered as part of history. Her modelling career started somewhere in the 80’s. She even participated in various beauty pageants. For the Miss USA contest she bagged the 1st runner up position. Later in 1986 she participated in Miss World which is an international beauty pageant.  She won the sixth place there. At Miss World she was the first contestant who was African-American. Never before did any African-American participate in this event.

In 1992 she got her first breakthrough in movies through her first romantic comedy movie. Till date she has bagged numerous awards like the golden globes award and also the Oscar for the Best Actress in 2001. No coloured woman before her had ever bagged the academy award that she did. While receiving this award, her speech was unforgettable. It will always be remembered. It made history.

Her role in the famous movie ‘Xmen’ got her more fame. Today people recognize her as Storm. She is also recognized as Jinx the bond girl from the movie Die Another Day. In 2000 she got her place amongst the highest paid actress’s club.


Aloha Taylor is amongst the most popular weather reporters. While in high school she won the prom queen crown. In 1996 she won the Miss Hawaii USA crown. Apart from that she also bagged the title of Miss Congeniality when she participated in the Miss USA pageant.

In the later years, Taylor chose to become a certified American broadcast meteorologist and weather reporter for KSWB Fox 5 news in San Diego, California.

Today she is one of those weather reporters who are highly paid. Her estimated net worth is around USD 1.5 million.

She is also a great influencer on social media.


In 2004 Gal Gadot was crowned Miss Israel. After that she served as a soldier in the Israeli Defence Forces. To us she is our Wonder Woman. She is just not a beautiful face. She has achieved a lot in a short span of time. Though she didn’t win the Miss Universe crown, she still is a queen in another Universe – the cinema world.

Her role in Wonder Woman as Diana Prince made her famous in this extended universe, the movie business world. Apart from this, she has acted in may other popular movies such as Keeping Up With The Joneses, and Fast & Furious. She has got the label of being “one of the 100 most influential people in the world”. As an actress she is one of the highly paid ones. Many helpless people are helped by her using her influence.

She and her husband, together started their own TV production company in 2019 named “Pilot Wave”. They are also proud owners of a beautiful boutique hotel. She helped in its running. They later sold this hotel in 2015 for around USD 26 million.

Universally she is a fashion celebrity apart from being the spokesperson and new face for Gucci. A lot of local charities constantly get her support. On screen or off-screen, she is really a Wonder Woman.


Amongst the most popular and influential celebrities globally is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. There is no need to introduce her as she is very popular and successful in the showbiz business. Most regard her as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world.’

Her career started with modelling. In 1994vshe participated in the Miss World pageant and won the crown. Later she entered the Hindi film industry which we know as Bollywood. Her fame increased here. She not only acted in Bollywood movies but also acted for a Hollywood movie.

She started her career in modelling and was later then crowned Miss World in 1994. She then later got into the Bollywood industry and shot to fame though she made her debut in the acting world through the Tamil film industry. She has also acted in Hollywood movies. In 2007, Aishwarya married Abhishek Bachchan whose family is considered to be Bollywood Royalty.

She has had many accomplishments and is a fashion icon worldwide. In 2003, she was one of the jury members for the Cannes Film Festival. No other Indian actress before her was ever appointed as a jury member for this film festival. The same year L’Oréal chose her to be their brand ambassador globally.

Today, Aishwarya endorses many brands by being their brand ambassador. She is the spokesperson for a UN Microcredit. PETA India has her support. She has promised to donate her eyes upon her death to the Eye Bank Association of India. She is part of many campaigns related to social causes. She helps raise awareness amongst the people globally.

Beauty pageants open a door full of opportunities for their participants, especially the winners. All these women have become very popular on joining the showbiz world. This is because the media covers them widely, displaying their confidence and talents on screen.

If your dream is to enter the acting world, be it Television or Movies, you need to be confident, have the looks and a winning attitude. People with influence it contacts are able to make their way in easily than those without contacts. And if you do not have contacts in the movie world, then the best thing to do is enter it via any renowned beauty pageant. You can see how the above 5 women did well for themselves. How you succeed and how you get to enter the film industry through the beauty show depends on how you take your future steps and what choices you make reference your career.

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