Trailer For Anticipated “Creole Roots” Music Video Retains Enigma of Cross-cultural Film “This Unexpected Love”

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The trailer for anticipated music video of Creole Roots, which is off the 18-song soundtrack of the film This Unexpected Love, is out. This Unexpected Love premiered earlier this year in a private screening, with its soundtrack featuring a captivating song that spotlights the beauty and diversity of Africa and its heritage.

The music video stars the talented Tonye Garrick, Flav & Jamaul and The Vision, all remembered for their performances in the film. Their chemistry and artistry enliven the song’s powerful message, celebrating African culture and its immense global impact.

The trailer gives a sneak peek into a visually stunning and musically enchanting piece while also inspiring audiences to lend their voices to a movement that seeks to elevate Africa and its heritage. 

This Unexpected Love captures themes of friendship and blossoming love, blending Haitian and Nigerian traditions through the the relationship relationship of Ada and Jean. Despite the disapproval of loved ones, their relationship survives the struggles of college life. But as the reality of graduation sets in, a difficult decision must be made.

Watch the trailer now.