Listen to Kash, The Section and Xanny on Traplanta’s New Single, Kiss+Tell

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As the teenage years come about and slowly turn into adolescence, a priceless ability is being capable of keeping everyone’s proceedings under wraps. Nobody values their business being put out there but most times they make the exception and let close friends know which more times than not actually results in leaks. On Kiss+Tell, The Traplanta Army boys (with the exception of OBA) are letting it be known that they have their own code of conduct and things like their business are kept strictly to themselves.

In similar fashion to most of their music, Kash, The Section and Xanny deliver over a bass heavy beat. The Section opens with the hook which  comes ahead of a Kash verse where the beat becomes less concentrated ahead of Section who returns before Xanny closes the record with a Lil Uzi esque verse.


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