Traplanta Army close 2017 With Double Release of Diamonds and Freaky

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The Traplanta Army returns following a progressive year with the release of two new records, Diamonds and Freaky, both produced by DJ Silla. Typically known for their bass heavy beats, Silla’s addition leads to a change on Diamonds, which features Atlanta-based Kash, Xanny and The Section. The weight of the bass however has no impact on the quality of the record as the trio touch on relationships, donning that ice and seeing their sauce get jacked often forcing them to evolve and remain unique.

On Freaky which only features The Section and Kash, they touch on trying to flexing and maintaining their difference from the pack as well as failing to garner the attention of onlookers while on the come-up but now holding their own.

The dual release comes at a strategic time as all four artists in the army, OBA, Kash, Section and Xanny take to Lagos for the first time since they started making music together.


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