Trevboi’s “Ase” Is All You Need To Give Him A Chance

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ase by trevboi

The awareness for more literary and musical pieces to be produced in Nigerian languages has been a roaming wish of intellectuals and politicians. Nigerian act, Trevboi, has finally taken a stand on this.

Trevboi’s song Ase takes on the task of having a song completely in a Nigerian language – Yoruba and as a bonus, makes it interesting and “modern” by going in the opposite direction of native singers who use folklore as their approach as he creates trap music which is relatively new in the Nigerian scene.

The record is a prayer for abundance of money and all life’s other good things while Trevboi shows he’s different from most people and actually wants to put in the hours and do whatever it takes to allow him achieve success. There is some indication that Trevboi is a man who has made some progress from the streets and never plans on returning there.

Despite being released almost a year ago, Ase is worth every second and if Trevboi continues with such music, the path ahead is definitely promising.

Check it out below:

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