Trevboi Is Dismissing The Small Talk on ‘Kilo Kan Mi’ With C.O Decoast

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kilo kan mi

An understated part of being an artist is the process of discovering one’s strongest points and what exactly you want your artistry to look like. Over the past four years, Trevboi has experimented and he finally looks to be coming to terms with his identity as an artist. With his star still growing daily and off the brilliance of Ase, the rapper releases Kilo Kan Mi featuring frequent collaborator, C.O Decoast.

For many artists, the ‘hatred’ from some fans inspires their art and often results in remarks trying to remind everyone of their place. With less established acts, the reactions often vary seeing as they’re often considered regular people to most people. For Trevboi, someone whose been through many trials, the haters are nothing but noise seeing as only God can judge. He chronicles hustling in England, prays for his dreams to pass and asks the people to pay attention to their own troubles before attempting to pass commentary on his.

Reflect on Kilo Kan Mi below.

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