Tribute To A Patriot By Esther Akpovi

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Tribute to an angel, my grandpa (1st October 1928 – 18th March 2010)

Urhobo wado , Delta state wado , Nigeria wado, Africa wado , United Kingdom wado and the rest of the world wado ekwejobi (everybody) wado

IN HONOUR OF Late Hon.Justice (Chief) Joseph Oweremoh Okaemu Akpovi (K.S.M)

Today is not only Nigeria’s 58th year of independence but also your birthday.

You were not only a reserved man of integrity, but one of wisdom whom many people listened to the few times you spoke. You had many hidden talents and achieved innumerable things many behind the scenes. I choose to celebrate you and your achievements today as you remain one of my greatest role models.

You are known to have left a great impression in all your endeavors including your appointment as the last Chief Judge in Bendel State (Edo state and Delta state ) and the first Chief Judge in Delta state. You make me a proud deltan as I too am now a member of the Urhobo Progressive Union which you co-founded in 1958 as the first chairman, promoting unity for the educational, social and economic advancement of Urhobo people.

Author of Agbon kingship constitution and member of first provincial council of university of Ife … you really did that ? Awesome! Today I celebrate you grandad because you always put others first and expected nothing in return.

I stand firm in saying that Delta State will not be what it is today without your good deeds and that of other great Deltans like you . Me vwe eguono kpa ho we (I love you )

Till we meet again.

Your Grand daughter,

Esther Akpovi

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