Tyson Noir Catches The “Freaky” Love Bug On His New Single

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Since signing with Lycan Records, Tyson Noir has increased the output and continues to put himself on new radars. While you may have the impression that Tyson has gone on a run of releases this year, that’s fairly distant from the truth, however the past 12 months have already seen him release as much material as he had in the two preceding years at the start of his career. While some would suggest his emergence from Law School has given him more time to focus on music as a career, it’s also worthy of consideration that he may simply have come to better understand the path he wants to take and discovered his sound and therefore is more comfortable with letting the music be heard. On Freaky, his third single of the year, Tyson Noir doesn’t stray from the central idea explored in the past, the stuff that gives you butterflies, makes you weak in the knees: love.

Produced by London based artiste, Mikespro and songwriter Raheem Bale, Tyson confesses his tale of being a secret admirer “I been looking at this girl from afar”. He goes on to document their chronicles up until he approaches her and they eventually begin a relationship – which explains his bold use of the term “freaky” to describe the phase they’re in. The song generally uses Tyson Noir’s vocals as the arc to make it catchy. The beats take a regular afro-pop tune with no particular “hook” but it all works well in the end as it still has us shaking body.

Check it out below:


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