Uber on its way to Abuja

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Uber is going to Abuja

Sometime in 2015, word came out that Uber was going to Ibadan. Its March 2016 and that still has not happened. New reports are coming through that the revolutionary company is on its way to both Port Harcourt and Abuja and this move shall be made this week.

This all comes as Uber looks to expand aggressively on the African continent however, the Abuja decision concerns some as they may be wrongly reading the market. This rationale stems from the fact that in Abuja, transportation is a lot less of an issue than it is in Lagos.

It is reported that last year, Easy Taxi took their craft to Abuja but have since been said to be closing down. Hopefully, Uber’s story is not the same.

Story culled from Tech Cabal.

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