Uche Malik Wears His Heart On His Sleeve On Sophomore EP ‘Jiggy Boy’

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Growing up, especially with his roots steeped in different cultures, Boston-based Nigerian musician, Uche Malik has always made music a part of his life. Primarily, his Igbo culture has served as a foundational influence and this preference is prominent in his approach to music-making. For Malik, making music is about the creation and transference of good energy and good vibes. Having spent months in the studio with producers L.ucas, Wayup Rui, David Meli, and Li Cheristin, Malik, was able to conjure said vibes into a six-track EP titled Jiggy Boy.

Jiggy Boy is a persona and journey-defining EP that allows Malik’s audience to experience his evolution, particularly the way he struggled with his mental health. Noting Fancy, as his personal favorite, it’s clear to see that Malik intended the EP to reflect himself.

Per Malik, it took a lot for him to share the finished product that has since gained thousands of streams since its release, but despite these challenges, as with every other struggle in his life, he has pushed on, highlighting he took the experience as teachable moments.

Not only is Jiggy Boy, Malik’s story, but is a stepping stone to other feats he will like to achieve.



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