VanJess Make A Splashy 2021 Debut On Jimi Tents And Garren Assisted ‘Curious’

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One of the firsts to make a return this year, following a handful of releases to close out 2020 in sexy fashion, sister duo, VanJess is back this month, bristling with emotions on Curious, a slow burner built on pensive keys featuring Jimi Tents and Garren.

Produced by frequent collaborator Jay Kurzweil, whose mesmeric melodies always serve as the perfect backdrop for the sisters to completely go over the edge with sensual feelings, Curious is a grown and sexy that finds the sisters in an exchange and confession session with their muses.

Albeit a slow start to the year, Curious is proof that even with the promise of evolution, somethings, like the sister’s firm grip on RnB/Soul, will remain constant.


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