Vector And Mastaa Challenge Hip-Hop Norms With ‘If We Must (Sun x Rain)’

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With his penchant for revolutionary projects, Vector’s upcoming joint EP with Masterkraft, who assumes the moniker, Mastaa on the five-track body of work titled Crossroads, comes as no surprise. To set the tone for a project he succinctly describes as an intersection of two giants, he shares If We Must (Sun x Rain), a modernized take on rap made in Africa, for Africans.

Mastaa as usual, splurges on a range of zulu leaning sounds that serve as the perfect soundscape for Vector’s lax flow driven by mind-altering lyrics that cascade over subjects relevant to our daily lives.

There’s no climax on If We Must (Sun x Rain), rather the eclectic and harmonious duo wield their musical dexterity as a weapon to challenge the conscious of their listeners.