Vector Disregards Compassion In His Crass Response To M.I On ‘Judas The Rat’

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It’s been more than a month since Vector and M.I expressed their long held issues with each other on wax. One solid starter, an earth-shattering response and a couple of interviews later, Vector utilizes the ammo in his arsenal again for another attempt to season the ‘beef’ on a track he calls Judas the Rat.

The track’s title is enough indication of its content. Parading M.I as a ‘snitch’, Vector goes all out to match the energy on the latter’s response to him. With Jesse Jagz and M.I’s penchant for music politics as the main subjects of the track, Vector leaves no stone turn unturned in what seems to be a messy but inferior response hinged on his discordant but penetrative flow.

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