Vector’s ‘License’ Is A Mood Transcendent Ode To Vitality

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Vector, like every other rapper deemed rap royalty, has mastered the art of glamorizing mundane, real-life situations in his music. The honesty that clouds the rhymes he uses to punctuate long introspective lines are usually hard-hitting and his latest, License, is no different. Accompanied by a series of social media-powered skits that captures everyday Nigerians in their elements, License reads like an appraisal of nature and circumstances with an upbeat soundscape that gives it an anthemic quality.

The only constant on License is Vector’s rhythmic approach to his bars. It’s EDM-inspired instrumental, produced by Mr Kleb is an unlikely sound which despite being a perfect match for his narrative, comes as a surprise.  His extension of hope and happiness is another variation, a stark contrast to his usual offering of pride, confidence, and their variations.

In recent times, License is Vector’s most unrestrained and carefree work to date. On License, he holds nothing back.

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