Vector Is On A Path To Self-Discovery On The Just Released ‘Oja’

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Vector is on a path to self-discovery and with an album on the horizon, he lights his path with relevant and impressionable subjects as he does on Oja, the album’s first single.

With the rise of social advocacy these days, the possibility and realization of advocating for a more acceptable method of self-discovery isn’t so far fetched and although not extensively utilized in these climes, Vector has taken it upon himself to not only bridge this gap but pace the release of his upcoming project with a single built entirely on the never waning culture in Nigeria.

Made entirely in a moment of inspiration, Oja is an introspective journey into a drug-induced mind which Vector takes possession of. With carefully curated punchlines perfect for his psychedelia emboldened narrative delivered atop futuristic synths, Vector drives his point home, alluring, metaphoric and witty in nature.

In the accompanying Dami Cool directed video, Vector visualizes his intense story through someone else’s hallucinatory participation in a mind-bending party.

As a prelude to the coming album, Oja is as intricate and engaging as expected, inspiring just enough anticipation for the project.