Vector Revives Daddy Showkey For New Single: Be Happy

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Making a name for himself in a dwindling industry with edgy punchlines and rhymes was Vector’s way of finding fame when he started his career as a Rapper after which he took time off from music to explore Nollywood. The Rapper however retraces his steps to his first love this month with a deviation from his standard sonic practice in Be Happy: a Hip-hop and Dance hall crossover and for this, he revives none other than Daddy Showkey; who is one of the pioneers of Dance hall scene in Nigeria to deliver an energetic verse that does nothing but support Vector’s Dance hall neophyte performance.

Layered in Vector’s nimble narrative which promotes happiness in every circumstance, the fast paced Hip-hop and Dancehall crossover takes root in pulsating and gyrating soundscapes that mesh well with the duo’s intent.

For a comeback effort, Be Happy is a bit of a letdown but its intent is one everyone can relate to.

Listen here.