Vector Offers Social Commentary on ‘The African Mind’

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Vector is an un-drying well of captivating lyrics, emotions, and experimentalism that is aloof to public opinion but sensitive to public plight. In the past year, he’s released three projects, all of which have been received to mixed reviews but undeterred, the eclectic and scheming Rapper returns this month with another four-track EP on the state of the society titled The African Mind.

In typical Vector fashion, he comes with a new invention in form of an abstract but heartfelt twist and take on the pressing subjects he touches on the succinct project, a sonic category he calls VOEM, voice, and poem, rhythmic and mind-altering in behavior.

Vector waxes philosophical and poetic on all four tracks not failing to get personal on Fail Yours Voem, on the offensive on Rape Voem, defensive on I Saw A Video Last Night Voem and introspective on Protect The Church Voem.

Over the years, Vector has become increasingly vocal, relegating his desire to rule the mainstream and donning the cape of the cultural hero instead. The African Mind is an unusual result of this evolution and just like it’s title indicates, Vector is the product of a boundless continent that inspires introspective sessions which in turn yield abstract projects.

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