Stream Veen’s Confidence Driven EP ‘On Impact’

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Veen jumps into his latest EP, On Impact with Do It Again, reiterating over a bouncy Trap beat his now fulfilled need to return to the scene to prove to everyone that he is not just a rapper but one with the attitude, lyrical dexterity, charming flow, and cocky demeanor to go with. It’s the opener’s spongy quality that sets the tone for the rest of the Port-Harcourt based rapper’s litany of trumpet blowers on the just-released six-track EP.

The hip-hop scene is increasingly saturated with rappers towing the same line to the mainstream however, for those like Veen and his brother, Kiienka, lurking in the shadows, the need, and demand for that extra that will make them noticed is what sits at the foundation of their songs which is why On Impact is a journey which sees Veen stopping at different parts to prove a myriad of points to his listeners.

Following the project’s introductory track, Veen goes back to basics with Kiienka on In My Bag, braggadocios as the title indicates and critical of his motivating factors.

Despite the project being an open letter from Veen to himself and all those who care to listen, like every talented rapper, he branches out by fusing narratives and on Crib, a standout off the project, he offers views his life from a different perspective, commensurate to his exploratory nature.

Veen is one of those contributing to the amplification of the industry and with his continued offering of rich and relatable projects, he not only stirs hope for the fate of the hip hop scene but his chance at rap royalty.


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