1. Culture Custodians #3: Ayo Jay says:

    […] Last year, in an interview with Toolz, he had stated that he was remixing Your Number and applying the benefit of hindsight, FettyWap was essentially unknown. Turns out that the remix was meant to feature Burna Boy but “it did not work out.” The decision to remix Your Number over Available despite the fact that the Your Number video was banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Committee shocked me and so I probed Ayo on what informed the decision. He explained that “On iTunes in the UK, US, Canada and in the Islands it made us a good amount of money so it only made sense that we chose it. Also because they banned the video because of the twerking in it we wanted to rebrand the song and put out a new video.” I understand the reasoning. However, Nigeria is a place where you can use a name to get away with so much. We’ve watched numerous artistes put together international collaborations that don’t do justice and so I wanted to know why Ayo decided to work with Fetty. I speculated many different reasons and how the collaboration got to work and he said “JP, my label mate met one of Fetty’s guys and he played a couple of songs for them, when Fetty heard Your Number he admitted that he’d heard it before and he liked it. We asked if he’d like to get on it because I love Fetty’s sound and he was like Yeah! We don’t mind and then they gave us a date for the studio.” I was keen on knowing whether the collaboration was paid for and Ayo admitted that it was but “we got heavy discounts, what we paid was very little.” […]

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