Vuulture Returns With New Single ‘Fire Body’

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Following his debut single in 2020, Vuulture starts the 2022 right with a new single titled Fire Body. With his unmistakable style and signature, the Afrobeats singer serenades his fans [especially the ladies] with his mesmerizing and penetrating vocals. Beyond his amazing vocals, this latest offering fuses original Afrobeat elements with Western musical influences to create a solid track that is not only familiar to the West African populace, but also the world at large.

With the perfect merging of Afrobeat and foreign elements, this new single is smooth enough for casual appreciation and rhythmically strong enough for a groovy time on the dancefloor. It is a truly universal song with catchy hooks, scintillating melodies, and overall energetic delivery. Fire Body is yet another testament to Vuulture’s authenticity and top-notch musicality.

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