VVS Lagos Fashion Show Curates One of A Kind Cultural Showcase

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VVS Lagos Fashion Show for the first time will offer dedicated experiences for both trade and public audiences through one dynamic schedule, keeping different realms of art and culture at its core. 

The showcase will highlight renowned Nigerian designers in a grandeur fashion show, that will bring forth art, culture, and technology to celebrate creativity and innovation that Lagos is known for, such as T.I Nathan, Tjwho Kadiju, I.N Official, Re Lagos and Grayscale.

A Panel session with industry leaders is curated to address fashion value chains and the socio-economic growth models of a journey from an idea to a brand. The Panel will also converse on how to leverage technology, finance, and branding to cultivate more homegrown labels. 

An interactive segment will be held with a Trunk sales show from high fashion renowned Nigerian designers alongside an art exhibit by Ken Nwadiogbu to cultivate a stronger creative platform for a growing community. 

VVS Lagos will also be hosting the first ever done before, Awards for Lifetime Achievements to acknowledge and recognize the future of fashion beyond creativity. 

In response to the ever-changing fashion landscape and the growing public interest in Fashion in Nigeria, VVS Lagos was thus launched to have a new Fashion Week format to increase engagement and reach new audiences for designer businesses.

VVS Lagos is an initiative by Ifeanyi Nwune of I.N Official and it is powered by Eyowo and executed by Imagination Agency.


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