WafflesNCream releases Dry/Harmattan ‘18/’19 collection

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Lagos based Skate/Streetwear brand WafflesNCream, have unveiled their new drop tailored for us specifically in Nigeria.

Rather than suiting their collection for “Spring/Summer” seasons, they want it to represent the climate in Nigeria rather than the west, hence the Dry/Harmattan ’18’/19 collection.

Their biggest source of inspiration comes from the fabrics worn by the older generation at traditional events. They always create unique collections that represents their love for skate and fuses their cultural influences and references.

The Dry/Harmattan ’18’/19 collection features new designs for T-shirts, pants and for the first time a jacket made of wool type material with large pockets on both sides (definitely copping this for the cold season).

WafflesNCream remains of the most consistent streetwear brands in Nigeria, with every shirt and design resonating to their hip, street savvy, young and radical demographic.

Here’s a look at the latest release:

WafflesNcream WafflesNcream WafflesNCream WafflesNCream WafflssNCream

You can now shop the collection at WafflesNCream

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