Watch Waje Give Her All In Heartwarming Video For ‘Best Thing’

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Waje is back on her grind, despite her hinting at retirement last year. This time, according to the times, she switches things up on the earlier released Best Thing, a groovy love song just treated to a Blessing Uzzi directed video.

Powered by her adaptable vocals, Best Thing begins with a relatable monologue that naturally paves the way for her sweet performance with which she uses the prove the extent of her love for her muse, played by Ric Hassani. Cracker Mallo is the perfect sound partner for Waje, his deep bass grooves tinkered as she does the same with her muse’s heart and her listener’s minds is a befitting accompaniment to her short but impactful promise.

What better way to make a return than with a melodramatic soundtracked by a sonic narrative that bridges the gap between Waje’s experience as an RnB songstress and a singer trying to fit in with the current dictates of the music industry.


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