Wani is Coming for Your Faves With His New Single, Instaman

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Wani is After the Afro-Pop Throne With His New Single, Instaman

When consuming music there’s often a need to frame where the music comes from alongside how long the artist in question has been at it to ensure there is a fair assessment of the product. With the rise of Soundcloud and other streaming platforms where you move between tracks from established acts and those navigating underground circles, its important to know who exactly you’re listening to at every point in time. Acts like Wani, however, are showing that we might have to scrap that idea and hold everyone to the same standards regardless of how long they’ve been releasing music. With only three releases on his Soundcloud page, two freestyles, one amazing Blem re-fix and a tune-up of Nonso Amadi’s Radio and one new single tagged Instaman, it may be too early to say but Wani is on the path to earning his spot on playlists en masse if we’re going off the current material.

Wani suggests that he leverages a multi-cultural background in creating music and Instaman is the only testament one needs to agree with him as he combines a beat we’re likely to hear on a Drake track with Yoruba and lingo you’ll only truly understand if you have an element on Nigeria in your background.

Wani is sweet from the spot and has chosen to go against flooding the airwaves with his music, dropping just enough to wave the flag and have you on your tiptoes for his next release.


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